Posted by : Arcadio Bubs Garcia May 10, 2012

Noir - Animation

Noir Anime Studio Pro animation test Kirika Mireille B4Astudios
This video features Kirika and Mireille from the anime Noir and was made entirely in Anime Studio Pro. Meant to be the sequel for an earlier subtle movement test video done, this one pushes how far i could go with pro quality and more complicated point manipulations.

I used the dvd as a reference for the movements and positions of both characters. Key frames were created for each of the original animated frames from the source. Then for each key frame, the points of the different parts of the characters were moved accordingly. With the boolean effect in play, the animation in Anime Studio comes off smoother than the original as my playback is 30 fps. The original animation uses 8 fps for the animation even though the series itself runs at a final output of 30 fps.

Check out the finished product and a link to an older video project is provided as well! ^_^

Noir subtle movement animation

Previous video done with Ariel

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