Posted by : Arcadio Bubs Garcia Aug 16, 2012

Luma Tuorial!

Luma B4Astudios

Made for Plushtorials. Very Simple to do and you guys asked for it! ^_^ I hope you all enjoy. Music by lara6683,
Basic Template:
Luma Template B4Astudios

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    1. ^_^ oh cool, id like to see it if possible ~_^

  2. this color may seem boring but there is a black and white colors for luma the black luma acsesses the obsevatory map and the white one helps you spin witch is really handy for defeating eneimis just incase you didint play yet

  3. how do you print out the template for luma

  4. your plush tutorril helped memake a luma just like yours but the shines of the eys arent very good on my luma and the stiching is not very good on my luma anyway thanks for helping me with luma thannks for your help

    1. Thank you so much for commenting! ^_^ I'm so very happy my tutorial helped you out. Keep practicing and you will get better ok :)


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