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How to make a plushie tutorial : Goomba

How to Make a Goomba plushie tutorial

How to make a plushie : This weeks plushie tutorial is on a Goomba from the Nintendo Super Mario Brothers Series. The favorite enemy in all video games, Goomba is annoying and yet still cute. Whether or not you want to stomp him out is up to you. Send me any questions and comments. Have fun making this, hugz!

How to Make a Goomba plushie tutorial

Probably one of the very first enemy encounters I ever had in a video game was the little simple walking Goomba's in Super Mario Brothers. They are so harmless but so annoying since all i took was a touch from them to get killed. Over the years and many games later, Nintendo redesigned the Goomba to be cuter and cuter. I think if it were smiling it could pass off as a friend instead of a foe now.

How to Make a Goomba plushie tutorial

It just feels right to give the Goomba his very own tutorial and besides, how can you have Mario plushies without a Goomba? I hope he is well received and that not to many people wind up stomping him out! LOL So have yourself a Goomba stomping time and sew away. Add wings and you have a Paragoomba!

How to Make a Goomba plushie template tutorial

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